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To whom it may concern,

I’d like to talk about my friend Brett Macy. I met Brett on September 29, 1989 as he, I, and 48 other recruits began our careers with the Oklahoma City Police Department as Class #103. As I looked around and got to know this group of strangers, I began to size people up. Even though I had previous experience as a police officer, I wondered how many of these people, to include myself, would make it to the end. Brett was one you had no doubts about. Interesting enough most everyone knew who Brett’s dad was. In fact not long before our academy class began Brett, who was previously a deputy for Oklahoma County, was with a group of officers who were involved in a shooting. Brett was on the front page of the newspaper wearing a blood stained white uniform shirt. Standing next to him was his famous dad, Bob Macy. I had recollections of that photo when I met Brett. I thought to myself that Brett had a tall shadow to grow up in.

What I quickly learned about Brett was that he was his own man. It became apparent the Brett was going to be a leader. He was confident, quick witted, and intelligent. Brett made it his mission to get to know all 49 other recruits and to the least of us he was our biggest encourager. Brett could have easily made it about him. He could have easily thought he had it made because everyone loved and admired his father. But he did not see it that way. Brett is as down to earth as they come. A compassionate, empathetic guy who could be tough when he needed to be. Brett strives for the best in others. Brett is an accomplished shooter. He has been in shooting competitions. During our recruit class two women were in competition for our Top Shot award along with Brett and a couple of other guys. There was Brett encouraging both women to do their best. One of the ladies took the award and Brett was the first to congratulate her.

Brett Macy has excelled at every assignment he has been in at OCPD. I know because I was there to see it all. When Brett became a Lieutenant at Hefner division, I could see how the officers he supervised and worked around admired him. Brett drew people to him. Officers wanted to work for the supervisor duo of Macy and Robert Ellyson. They created an atmosphere where these officers would follow them where ever they would lead them. These officers gladly wanted to be there and do their jobs in a way that made Brett and Robert look good. It was uncanny and unusual how well those officers spoke of them. I then got promoted and assigned to Brett’s shift as his captain. I then saw for myself how Brett and Robert motivated their people. For Brett it was just being Brett Macy. The man he was in our academy. The leader, motivator, and encourager who directed his people on what to do and then went out there and worked alongside them. He treated them like they were all special and important to him. He cared about the ups and downs in their lives beyond the confines of the job. And I was fortunate to be a part of that for the last five years of my tenure at OCPD. Brett retired just a few months before I did. In true fashion Brett retired not because he was ready to hang up his gun, but to attend to serious family matters. Unselfishly thinking of others, in true Brett Macy style.

I could go on but I hope you get the message. If not the message is Brett Macy is my choice for Oklahoma County Sheriff. If there is a man who can make a difference and an impact in a positive way, that would be Brett.


Nate Tarver

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  1. David Landrum says:

    I have known Brett for many years and he and I worked together in the past in law enforcement and presently in the Financial Crimes industry. There is no one with higher integrity or skill in complex investigative matters. He understands what it takes to be a leader and is the kid of leader that truly leads as a partner. I think his leadership skills are paramount, his understanding in community diversity excels and his law enforcement ability cannot be questioned. He is one of the best and would be an outstanding Sheriff and community leader for Oklahoma County. I hate to lose him as a partner is the Financial Crimes industry but I know his heart is this. He will make Oklahoma County and the State of Oklahoma proud, he is the top of his field and leads with honor, integrity and skill– a rare combination in today’s world. I am proud to support him.

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