Brett Macy has the education, experience, and passion to lead the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s office.

Brett Macy LLC – Investigative and Financial Crimes Consultant

September 2016

  • Participated in a file review for a large international financial institution evaluating the AML and relationship risk associated with high risk, high asset client accounts held by an associated bank in an offshore tax haven jurisdiction.

March 2015 – April 2016

  • Investigator under contract to Doyle Carden Group LLC under direction of PricewaterhouseCoopers.
  • Conduct AML Look Back investigation at a major U.S. Financial Institution
  • Review transactions for potentially suspicious activity including excessive cash transactions, trade based money laundering, placement and layering of funds, domestic and international wire transfers and other transaction activity with no apparent economic or discernable business purpose and indications of elder financial exploitation or abuse.
  • Analyze alerted transactions for suspicious activity and make SAR/non SAR recommendations, provide documentation and detailed reports to support conclusions, to include drafting SAR reports.
  • Promoted by PwC to “Level 2” investigator responsible for Quality Control. Responsibilities include review of investigative reports to include SAR and non-SAR recommendations for accuracy, completeness and proper supporting documentation, train new investigators, identify training deficiencies and prepare training to address those deficiencies. Train new investigators on use of Word, Excel and internal bank computer systems.

Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board (January 2015 – Current)

  • 1 of 3 board members appointed by the Governor of Oklahoma
  • Review and grant or decline parole in cases of non-violent offenders
  • Recommend parole to the Governor for violent offenders
  • Review cases of individuals who have made applications for pardons and/or sentence commutations

Oklahoma City Police Department (September 1989 – November 2014)

Police Lieutenant – Operations Bureau (February 2002 – November 2014)

  • First level patrol supervisor, managing daily police operations
  • Investigate and prepare detailed reports for “use of force” incidents and complaints involving officers
  • Assume command of crime and natural disaster scenes
  • Authorize all Felony and State Misdemeanor arrests through investigative information and report review

Police Lieutenant Investigations Bureau (May 2000 – February 2002)

  • Assigned to the Inmate Processing Unit at the Oklahoma County Jail
  • Review and approve Probable Cause Affidavits for arrest, charges and bond amounts for accuracy
  • Assure proper application of relevant laws to particular situations to meet legal guidelines

Detective Sergeant – FBI Violent Crimes Task Force/Coordinator of Special Operations/Intelligence Unit

(January 1997 – May 2000)

  • Fulfill goals and interests of Municipal, State, and Federal law enforcement agency officers
  • Conduct Vice, Interdiction, and Narcotics investigations targeting violent street gangs
  • Utilize informants, undercover operations, and additional investigative techniques of criminal activity to thwart the activity of violent street gang organizations
  • Assist IRS Criminal Investigator to conduct financial investigations of multiple criminal organizations relative to Federal tax violations and money laundering statutes
  • Analyze and obtain invoices, bank records, online research and witness/defendant testimony for Federal prosecutions
  • Drafted and executed search and arrest warrants based on investigative work

Police Detective/Sergeant Criminal Intelligence Unit Street Gang Enforcement

(January 1994 – January 1997)

  • Aggressively patrol high gang activity areas and investigate gang organizations, leaders, and members
  • Gather intelligence and interview defendants and third party witnesses to secure evidence
  • Execute high-risk search and arrest warrants, seizing financial documents and other evidence

Police Officer IMPACT Team (January 1992 – November 1992)

  • Work with Criminal Intelligence, Special Projects and other Municipal, State and Federal law enforcement agencies.
  • Utilize informants, surveillance, and undercover operations to gain intelligence on criminal organizations
  • Conduct financial investigations into criminal organizations, trace ownership of assets, identify methods of asset concealment, and seizure of assets
  • Draft and execute search and arrest warrants and testify to investigations

Patrol Officer Operations Bureau  (February 1990 – January 1992)  (November 1992 – January 1994)

  • Trained new officers during all phases of field training and completed daily observation/training reports

Oklahoma County Sheriffs Department (April 1984 Sept 1989)

Court Detail Deputy

  • Escorted prisoners to hearings within the Oklahoma County Courthouse
  • Responsible for safety and security of prisoners, courthouse staff and the public

Patrol/Mental Health Deputy  (Sept 1985 – Sept 1989)

  • Patrolled primarily unincorporated areas of Oklahoma County and responded to calls for service
  • Provided assistance to all law enforcement agencies within Oklahoma County
  • Designated Mental Health Unit for 2 ½ years – Responded to mental health crisis situations throughout Oklahoma County Conducted Mental Status Evaluations in the field

Assured persons in crisis received immediate mental health intervention services

Field Training Deputy

  • Responsible for training new deputies assigned to the shift

Relief Shift Supervisor

  • Shift supervisor when the shift Sergeant was on days off
  • OCPD Medal of Valor – for actions in the aftermath of the Oklahoma City Murrah Building bombing.
  • OCPD S.R. Bryant Community Service Award – for involvement in community charity work.
  • Oklahoma Private Investigator License
  • Member Association of Certified Anti – Money Laundering Specialists
  • Advanced Law Enforcement Instructor
  • Firearms Instructor
  • Defensive Tactics Instructor

University of Central Oklahoma –  BA of Oral Communications/Public Relations – Criminal Justice Minor (1988)

Ronin Resources – (2014)

  • AML/Look-back Introduction Training
  • Introduction to AML Industry and investigative procedures
  • Introduction to Suspicious Activity Reporting

Oklahoma Bankers Association – (2014) BSA/AML Compliance

Recent major enforcement actions, changes in reporting trends, proposed regulations, notices of proposed rulemaking and interagency guidance * Banking the legalized marijuana business *FinCEN NPRM on Beneficial Ownership * Reporting suspicious activity for lenders * Financial exploitation of the elderly *Virtual Currency * Bank Operations Overview * Structure of Financial Institutions * Security and Fraud * Account verification requirements and resources * New Account Fraud and Identity Theft * Internal Fraud and IT Security * Counterfeiting and Check Fraud * Suspicious Activity Reports * Bank Robbery * Current Compliance Issues*Overview of and history behind selected Compliance Regulations * Bank Secrecy issues.

Law Enforcement – In excess of 2000 hours of academy and continued education

  • Cowboy Crisis Fund Executive Committee – A 501(c)3 organization that conducts fundraising events and provides financial assistance to community members who are facing financial difficulty due to medical issues.
  • Own and operate a modest ranch
  • Construction/Remodeling/Woodworking